The overhyped union of the 38 Allies of BJP in India is Hoax

The overhyped union of the 38 Allies of BJP in India is Hoax

They succeeded in doing that with SAD, TDP etc…

They almost succeeded but failed to end the relevance of JDU and Shivsena due to the wisdom of Nitish kumar and Uddhav Thackeray.

They did everything to break Shivsena and NCP, but these temporary theft of MLA s is not much of a dynamic success for BJP given the mood of the nation.

They are still unsure about AAP and TMC, but their concern is not just limited to them, bcoz even the intimidation by ED and CBI isnt helpful beyond a certain point!

They made Non NDA allies like BSP, JDS completely irrelevant while their not so hidden close proximity with BRS and YSRC has left the two staring at their own defeats in both Assembly and Lok Sabha elections sooner than later.

Now the sudden rush by BJP to show NDA unity and its 38 Allies,90% of whose name people wont have heard before, and many brought under the hood either by fear of misuse ofcentral agencies against them, greed or opportunism, is a clear sign that BJP is rattled by the defeats in Himachal and Karnataka, They are staring at humungus Electoral losses in the 5 Upcoming State elections later this year and subsequently go on to face a humiliating defeat in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

Despite the abuse of ED and CBI, they have not been able to shake the Unity of the Opposition parties.

When An arrogant party like BJP reaches out to a completely novice and Incompetent dynast , in their own words of criticism, like Chirag Paswan, who they themselves made irrelevant last year, you know BJP is afraid and clueless about its Survival.

The fear of loss is clearly and evidently visible from top to bottom in BJP and they are trying to grasp at all the left over straws.

Modi s Jumlas, Shah s Much overrated Chanakya’isms, Godi Media ‘s hate campaign, Failure of their Vote Cutter Sleeper Cells like BJD, AIMIM etc and their LIE T Cell’s Fake News Factory and WhatsApp University lies which have been slowly and steadily busted with great success rate by the Congress Sm dept, have all contributed greatly in giving sleepless nights to Modi s clan.

The south became BJP mukt, also the states where they are in power have nt done anything great but their state govt and leaders have expectedly been neck deep in corruption that is more or less good enough to weaken their chances in the next Generation Elections.

The sudden rush to visit foreign countries and show pseudo and unreal enthusiasm in planted NRI bhakts, buying of Super costly defense deals to get clicked with Biden, and the Over the top attempts to get photo ops with global leaders at the cost of anything, by Modi is his last resort to win back his old image that has been mostly nullified bcoz of not just his administration failures, but his inability to deliver promises, blame opposition for everything like always, and polarise and create hatred and divide, as it has been visible in the recent defeats he has faced in Assembly Elections!