Become a Volunteer

Bringing positive change requires taking action. In an era of fake news, providing access to and dissemination of correct information is of paramount importance. However, at the same time, it is even more important to discuss such information and create a forum where ideas can find a place to nurture and action to take place. And with digital media and social media becoming the biggest tool for engagement, it is important that we use it for nation building and creating a network of people who care about democracy.

At Overseas Indian National Congress, we provide you with a chance to become a volunteer and do exactly that! Democracy is, first and foremost of the people, for the people and by the people.

Follow these 2 easy steps and become a part of a bigger goal that can have a global impact:

1. Register yourself using the link given below.
2. You shall be asked to provide your name, physical location address, phone number and email address.

Register Here

The idea here at Overseas Indian National Congress is to provide you with a forum where you can discuss issues pertaining to India and take action on them using the Indian National Congress ideals and ideology. Once you register yourself as a volunteer, you can undertake various actions to provide access to information and bring change.

  • Have an idea for an interesting social media campaign?
  • Want to share a news article/video/image that is important?
  • Want to report a fake news and fact-check it?
  • Want to discuss a government policy or an issue of national importance?
  • Want to file an online petition?
  • Want to organize a fundraiser for a cause?
  • Want to write a blog for us?