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Bringing positive change requires taking action. In an era of fake news, providing access to and dissemination of correct information is of paramount importance. However, at the same time, it is even more important to discuss such information and create a forum where ideas can find a place to nurture and action to take place. And with digital media and social media becoming the biggest tool for engagement, it is important that we use it for nation building and creating a network of people who care about democracy.

At Overseas Indian National Congress, we provide you with a chance to become a volunteer and do exactly that! Democracy is, first and foremost “of the people, for the people and by the people”.

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Our Mission:

Overseas Indian National Congress aims to bring together the Indian diaspora in various countries together on one platform to discuss, debate, and disseminate Indian National Congress’ ideology, values, and leadership for the purpose of nation-building by:

  • 1. Creating a coalition of like-minded individuals committed to nation-building using INC’s core values,
  • 2. Bridging the gap between Indian local voting masses and Indians broad on critical national policy issues,
  • 3. Serving as the primary public interface between our current supporters and potential new supporters,
  • 4. Countering fake news through information campaigns,
  • 5. Using technology to engage NRI supporters in activities that support INC’s ideals and goals for nation-building,
  • 6. Creating a network of Indians overseas committed to action for carrying out the abovementioned mission points.
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