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BJP’s Hate Policy for Political Gain

It seems like the tree of hatred planted by BJP and RSS has started bearing fruits as the recent brutal killing of Kanhiya Lal in Udaipur has increased tensions throughout India.

Since taking office in 2014, the BJP party has been accused of adopting policies that are highly discriminatory against India’s minorities. Amnesty International also stated that the government has engaged in a brutal crackdown against Muslims, making illegal arrests and using bulldozers to destroy their homes.

And when such incidents happen, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other prominent party figures choose to remain silent, which encourages their party members to create tense situations in the nation, even sometimes inciting violence and disturbing the peace in the nation.

Every Indian who respects the constitution is currently concerned about the unhealthy Hindu-Muslim relations in India, which is a very dangerous trend for the nation because ignoring fellow Indians and encouraging hate will disturb societal peace in the nation and can also lead to further occurrences of such events.

Undoubtedly, it is the BJP and RSS’s history to create a divide and gain political advantages like the British did in India. Atrocities against Muslims, Adivasis, and Dalits are becoming more common in the nation. The BJP leaders need to reread the preamble of the constitution to examine and understand the principles of Justice, Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity to maintain the unity and integrity of the nation.

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